Speaker Date Topic
Caryn Bosson (weaver intro) Sep 22, 2017
5th Friday Sep 29, 2017
Kim Maxwell - KM Studio Oct 06, 2017
The importance of art in civic life
Patrick Zarate, COO, Behavioral Health VTA County Oct 13, 2017
Opiate Use and Abuse in Ojai Valley
Kathleen Schafer Oct 20, 2017
Interesting outlooks for Ojai
Craft talks Oct 27, 2017
Joe Sohm — Visions of America Nov 03, 2017
The intrepid photographer and author will discuss his time on the presidential campaign trail.

Joe Sohm is an American history teacher turned photo-historian. For more than 30 years, he has photographed the 50 states and has published his images more than 50,000 times.

Will Garlington Nov 10, 2017
Religous history in the middle east (Sunni and Shia Islam)
Jonathan Light Nov 17, 2017
author of the "Encylopedia of Baseball"
Dark (thanksgiving) Nov 24, 2017
Rich Block Dec 01, 2017
Sb zoo update
Art Vander Dec 08, 2017
Julie Tumamait-Stenslie Dec 15, 2017
Dark (Christmas) Dec 22, 2017
Dark (New Year's) Dec 29, 2017
Club Assembly Jan 12, 2018
Marty Babayco Jan 19, 2018
Anatomy of a high school musical
Craft Talk Jan 26, 2018
Rod Owen
Scott Daigre Feb 02, 2018

Scott Daigre is an author, owner and founder of Tomatomania, the largest tomato seedling sale in the nation: CEOs and soccer moms, grandmothers and hipsters, hardcore gardeners and eager first-timers—folks from every walk of life unite to celebrate this energetic rite of spring and their shared love of tomatoes.

PK personal ed foundation Feb 09, 2018
James Hornstein, M.D. Feb 16, 2018
Ethical dilemmas in medical practice

Jim will challenge and engage the club as he presents some cases from his practice with ethical or moral dilemmas   

Robert Egan Feb 23, 2018
The Ojai Playwrights Conference
The Ojai Playwrights Conference

For 21 years, the Ojai Playwrights Conference taken unproduced plays of artistic excellence from diverse writers — both emerging and established — by promoting creative freedom and bold experimentation through their extraordinary workshops. The OPC values writers who focus on the compelling social, political and cultural issues of our time, and to nurture a new generation of playwrights through youth workshops. Among its alumni are America's top playwrights, with Tony Awards and Pulitzer Prizes to prove it.

Jon Christopher Mar 02, 2018
Author of "Beowulf: The Bear's Son"
Author of "Beowulf: The Bear's Son"

Author Jon Christopher has gone back to the mists of time to bring back a fresh account of an old myth - bursting with ideas and relevancy for our own times.

Craft talks Mar 09, 2018