Read on for the latest update on our project for Economic Development for Women in Rural Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In March and April 2016 the following progress was made:
  • Project was started, staff were hired, and contracts were signed with project staff:
    • Project coordinator – Minva Hasic
    • Assistant coordinator – Sanel Maric
    • Project accountant – Belma Kekic
    • Project agronomist – Admit Hamzic
    • Driver – to be assigned in May
  • Staff made a public call through social media, posting posters in public places, and informational meetings in selected areas for women who want to grow tomatoes and process them for local market in Bosnia through a marketing co-op.
    • After public meetings and applications from over 20 family groups, staff visited all potential beneficiaries to ascertain that their land and water availability was appropriate for project
    • 12 locations were selected, with 3-4 family members working at each location
    • Recipients were mostly unemployed, geographically spread among the 5 villages, and represented all ethnic/religious groups (2 Catholic, 3 Eastern Orthodox, 7 Moslem).
    • When the selection was done staff met with beneficiaries to sign contracts.
  • Staff researched where to buy best tomato seedlings.
    •  Staff made several trips to Mostar and Capljina.
    • When staff had gathered all necessary information they decided to buy tomato seedlings from Sjemenarna Mostar.
  • Meeting with beneficiaries took place at NGO Orhideja headquarters.
  • Tomato seedlings were delivered as was previously agreed.
  • Staff communicated with University in Mostar, Department of Agriculture, to finalize details of their engagement in this project.
    • Teaching and consultation by university staff with beneficiaries will begin in May.
  • Global grant project staff at NGO Orhideja met via Skype with Ojai Rotarians.
    • Introduced all staff employed through the grant, reported on the project to date, and discussed business plan with Mike Weaver, business consultant, and Kay Bliss, primary Ojai contact for the grant.
Grant Project Photos of Global to Date:  March and April 2016

Staff met with potential beneficiaries in 5 communities to see if they were a good match, and to discuss plans


Bringing planting mix for seedlings


Beneficiary shows her seedlings to project coordinator Minva Hasic



Seedlings got an early start in greenhouses


Skype call  - NGO Orhideja team show tomato seedlings and finished product.