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 The Reminder Newsletter
August 4th, 2017

August is Membership and Extensions Month

Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. 
In the beginning...
President Mike Malone called the meeting to order and thanked Robert Roddick for set up. Greg Webster for the Pledge of Allegiance and  roving mic duty.  And Tony Thatcher who with his usual sangfroid gave a beautiful and thoughtful invocation.   Our greeters were Jack Jacobs and Terry Twitchell.  Suzanne Scar was on the desk.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
We were joined by visiting Rotarians:
·         Mary Maranville, Founder and CEO of Seeag, who was introduced by Don Scanlan
·         Terrese Brown, introduced by Al West
·         Andy Kantwell who will be stepping in to fill Hank Banger’s rather large shoes, was introduced by Al Jacobs
·         Angelo Spardrio, our speaker was introduced by Ren Adams
We had several significant birthdays (3) that raised over $260 which should raise some eyebrows. 
Jack Jacobs, our new fining chair, brought us up to speed on next year's fining gestalt.  Minimum fine is now $10 but we are encouraged to give more if possible.  And a departure in that we will no longer be subject to ridicule or embarrassment for our answers.  Although this editor for one will still be more than capable of embarrassing himself just fine thank you. 
Dave Brubaker et al. continues the good work from last year, introducing the next four programs.  All will be timely and enlightening:
August 11th--Ron Bamieh has cancelled, so we will have a replacement TBA
August 18th--Bob Roddick and Alex Kim--Get Acquainted Talks
August 25th--Kitty Winn--Famed actress and step granddaughter of Gen. George C. Marshall
September 1st--Ron Bamieh-Jane Laut Trial
Bill Gilbreth brought us up to speed on the pavilion project.  Bill gave a special shout out to Marc Whitman for all the work he has done in the design and contracting on the project.  Truly it would have been a much more difficult process without his expertise.  We have broken ground and are continuing to reach out to the community for donations.  A signup list was passed around asking for names to be placed on the announcement and request letter.  If you haven’t signed it please reach out to Bill to get on the list.
As mentioned previously in this letter Jack Jacobs gave us a detailed description of not only how the fining will be done but the reasons its important.  His committee will step away from some of the old paradigms with the goal of having fun and developing a strong bond through our shared pain.   
Ren Adams introduced a program that is near and dear to all our hearts. “Will Ojai Run Out of Water? Masterfully given by Angelo Spardrio, a local expert on all things water in the Ojai Valley. The short answer is yes/no/maybe… If we hadn’t gotten some substantial rainfall last winter we would be entering stage 4 drought protocols in September.  And Stage 5 draconian restrictions about a year later. With a dry lake in 2022. The rain we had last winter postponed those dates about two (2) years, if we don’t continue to get above average rain for the next few years at least.  He also went into detail on lake sedimentation, which at this date is unknown or in controversy.  Leave it to say that based on a minimum calculation we have substantially less storage area than the Casitas Water District is using in their calculations. 
Angelo also went into detail on alternative sources where we would, and very well may be supplementing our current water in the valley.
It was a fascinating program that went well over the close of the meeting with very few members leaving early.
Mike closed the meeting with:
“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can see”.
Mark Twain

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