Russell Hampton
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The Ojai Rotary Club Reminder
June 2nd, 2017
Rotary Fellowships Month
To Begin With:
At 12:05 President Bill Gilbreth rang the bell to commence another beautiful and sunny Rotary Club of Ojai meeting. Sid Cohn led us in the flag salute and Nick Frank gave us the invocation. We escorted our guests and ourselves to the buffet for lunch.
At 12:30 President Bill rang the bell again to thank Matt Clements and Bill Prather for setting up the room, Bryant Huber for AV set up; Bryant Huber and Leslie Bouche for warmly greeting all of our members and guests, Matt Clements for the roving mic, Suzanne Scar and Don Reed for manning the front table, Michael Scar for serving as the Reminder Editor and Ginger Case for hosting us.
Our guests this week were Ventura Luiz (PEP student), Noel (dad), Josephina (mom) and (teacher) Michelle Gorrell who was introduced by Dr. Fauvre. Matt introduced special guest Greg Webster who was enjoying his 5th meeting and who also brought a guest. Patricia Teague Anderson introduced Peter Strauss, our speaker.
The Physical Education Project, Student of the Month was presented to Ventura Ruiz by Dr. Fred Fauvre and Ventura's PE teacher, Michelle Gorrell.  Michelle described Ventura’s accomplishments and said he was chosen based on his attitude and heart. Ventura thanked the Club for their generous donation.
Tony Thacher reported on success of the movie "Ghost Town to Havana," that played on May 26 at the Matilija Auditorium. There are a few DVD’s available to purchase for $25.
Jane Spiller asked for volunteers for the June 17th ‘corn-hole competition’ for the Milestones challenge.
Allan Jacobs reminded us of his Pratt Trail Birthday hike.
Other Announcements:
  • RCOEF board meeting on Tuesday, June 13 at 7:00 Café Emporium.
  • No Board Meeting for Club’s directors on June 14.  The joint board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 21 at Mike Malone’s office at noon.
  • Demotion party will be held on June 30 at Anne and Chad Carper’s home.  No meeting – Fifth Friday.  More information will be forthcoming.
Fine Master Marty Pops asked for confessions and Tony Thacher donated $77 for his and Allan’s birthday (but declined the hiking portion), Dr. Fred Fauvre confessed to his 74th birthday and donated the same. Pradeep Kapadia raised enough money to put his 225th student through college. Then the fining began!
Main Program:
Bret Bradigan introduced actor and master gardener Peter Strauss, who proceeded to entertain us with his love for agriculture and slides of his succulents. 
And In The End:
At 1:40 President Bill rang the bell to signify the end of another great meeting!