Speaker Date Topic
Club Assembly Jan 28, 2022
Lori Hamor - Director of Food for Thought Feb 04, 2022

Lori will describe the current activities of Food For Thought, managing through COVID, the partnership with OUSD, and ways supporters can help. 

Tara Coble - Majestic Oak Vineyard Feb 11, 2022
The business of making wine!

The business of making and selling wine in the Ojai Valley. 

Jamie Fleming - Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce Feb 25, 2022

Jamie will discuss the current activitis of the Ojai Valley Cmaber of Commerce, and challenges and opportunities facing the city. 

Kara Hooper - O-Higher Ed Mar 04, 2022
The Mission of O-Higher Ed

O-Higher Ed was founded in 2019.  Its mission is to help students of the Ojai Valley access higher education, with a focus on those who are first in their family to go to college.  Students who are first in their family to go to college may start in the program as early as sixth grade and stay in the program through twelfth grade.

Pradeep Kapadia - Kapadia Education Foundation Mar 18, 2022
Progress on the Kapadia Education Foundation