Speaker Date Topic
Rich Block(jr)-Santa Barbara Zoo Sep 20, 2019
Santa Barbara Zoo
Dr. Gus Iwaz(mp)-Robotic Surgery Sep 27, 2019
Your Surgeon May Be A Robot
Jonathan Light(mp)-Memorable Baseball Characters Oct 04, 2019
The author of the Encyclopedia of Baseball describes memorable characters in baseball history.
Deborah Walsh(sb)-Survival during the Holocaust Oct 11, 2019
Our family'survival in Poland during the Holocaust
Greg Totten, D.A.(bg)-Family Justice Center Oct 18, 2019
Ventura County Family Justice Center
Pradeep Kapadia(bg)-What Scholarships Have Meant Oct 25, 2019
The ripple effects of a tertiary education in developing countries - a 20 year case study.
Robert Rosenberg(bg)-The Power of Chance Nov 01, 2019
Col. (ret) Keith Nightingale (tt) Nov 08, 2019
Getting Our of Afghanastan--good idea?, bad idea?, who gives a rusty rf?

Keith Nightingale was raised in Ojai and comes from a long line of distinguished U.S. military, He was commissioned a 2d Lieutenant in 1965 from Claremont McKenna College. He graduated from Airborne, Jumpmaster, and Ranger Schools and retired as a Colonel in 1993. During that time he commanded four rifle companies, three battalions, and two brigades -- all Airborne or Ranger units, some in combat. He served two tours in Vietnam, was part of the Iran Rescue Attempt, was an assault force commander in Grenada, and managed the Department of Defense Interagency Counterdrug Task Force for Latin America from Panama -- a portion of which was devoted to the capture of Pablo Escobar. He was an original member of Joint Special Operations Command as well as a founding Plankholder for the 1st Ranger Battalion in 1974. After retiring from the military, he joined Science Applications International Corporation and as Senior Corporate Vice President, managed over a thousand international contracts and security programs in the Middle East conflict zone, and was responsible for the safety and security of all employees around the world. He presently serves as a consultant and advisor to several government personalities and organizations. Colonel (Ret) Nightingale is a member of the Ranger Hall of Fame and holds the French Legion of Honor, Officer Class (Legion d’honneur, Officier). His books, ranging on topics from Normandy to Vietnam to the present day, are available in bookstores and on Amazon. He still resides in Ojai, California, where he grows limes and kills gophers.

Haady Lashkari(bg)-Ojai Hospital & Cont. Care Ctr. Nov 15, 2019
The State of The Ojai Hospital and Continuing Care Center
Judy Norris(bg)-Justice Ginsberg &My Other Mentors Nov 22, 2019
Remarkable Supreme Court Justices, Particularly The Notorious RBG.
DARK - Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 29, 2019
Paul O'Reilly(bg)-Great Books @ Thomas Aquinas Dec 06, 2019
Dr. Paul O'Reilly, V.P. of Thomas Aquinas College, will describe their Great Books program.
Art Vander(jr)-Micro Biome Dec 13, 2019
Holiday Party Luncheon-Sergio Aragones Dec 20, 2019
Holiday Luncheon Party with Cartoonist Sergio Aragones.

Location TBD

DARK for Holidays Dec 27, 2019
DARK - New Years Holiday Jan 03, 2020
Hawk Koch(bb)-My Life In Hollywood. Jan 10, 2020
Magic Time - My Life In Hollywood
Gary Wilde(mp)-Health Care Proposals Jan 17, 2020
As Chair of the CA Hospital Assn., Gary Wilde will explain proposals for a single payer system.
Club Assembly Jan 24, 2020
Club Assembly
DARK - 5th Friday Jan 31, 2020
Jamie Fleming(bb) - Ojai Chamber CEO Feb 07, 2020 12:00 PM
The State of the Ojai Chamber of Commerce.

Jamie Fleming will talk about current Chamber programs and projects, plus news about an exciting new initiative in partnership with the City of Ojai.

Getting Acquainted Talks(bg) Feb 14, 2020
Marty Babayco(bg)-Nordhoff Musical Feb 21, 2020
Nordhoff Musical.
Living Treasures(ff) Feb 28, 2020
This Year's Inductees As Living Treasures
Bouche & Bliss-International Service Mar 06, 2020
Back from India and other International Service projects.
Getting Acquainted Talks(bg) Mar 13, 2020