Aug 19, 2022
Arthur J. Vander, MD
“Brain Plasticity: The Amazing Ability of the Brain to Reorganize Itself.”

Arthur J. Vander, MD, comes to us after a distinguished career as a Professor of Physiology at the University of Michigan both as a teacher and researcher for three decades.  He is the author of several textbooks and numerous articles in the field of physiology, in layman’s terms the way we are constructed and are able to function.  He also served as an administrator on many departmental, university and national committees dealing with education and a variety of other issues ranging from animal care to academic freedom to misconduct in research.  Upon his retirement in 1990 he was chosen as the first recipient of the University of Michigan Medical School’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Teaching.

He and his wife, Judy, a music composer among other things, reside in our valley and can often be seen hiking the hills around us or out on the Channel islands.  Both their curious minds remain active in learning and researching the world around us and what makes us tick.

Art Vander has titled his talk today “Brain Plasticity: The Amazing Ability of the Brain to Reorganize Itself.”  Be prepared to learn something amazing about yourself.