Water, Drought, Fire & Ojai
Jun 09, 2023
Richard Hajas
Water, Drought, Fire & Ojai

Richard Hajas is chairman of the Casitas Municipal Water District, and retired after more than 40 years in the water management industry. He has been in charge of two major districts, Casitas and Camrosa Water District in eastern Camarillo. When he was at Casitas, he managed the Casitas Dam, Robles Diversion Facilities and Casitas' pipeline-pumping system.

Beginning in 2007, he volunteered to assist Ojai Flow's effort to replace Golden State Water, a private company and transfer its management to the public through Casitas. He and his wife Sandy have lived in the Ojai Valley for 40 years and raised two sons, and now have two grandchildren who also live in the Ojai Valley.

He has a B.A. Degree and a master’s degree in public administration from CSU,  Northridge.