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November 3rd, 2017

November is Rotary Foundation Month

Momma Told Me Not To Come


Will you have whiskey with your water

Or sugar with your tea

What are these crazy questions

That they're asking of me

This is the craziest party

That there ever could be

Oh, don't turn on the light

'Cause I don't want to see

Mama told me not to come

-Three Dog Night- 


My mother told me you should never discuss sex, politics, or religion in public. Well, sports fans, we managed a hat trick at the happy hunting grounds on Friday. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then there is a little something for everyone. If you were hoping for a erring on the side of the four way test, then there is a little something in everything to be offended by.


Our president promptly brought the meeting to order. The nattily dressed and sweet smelling Bryant Huber from the House Gross led the flag salute. Alan West was impressed into service and led a invocation endorsed by the lord almighty reminding us service, service, service. (Religion) The gentle giant, Bob Roddick, also hailing from the House Gross, had everything in its place and a place for everything.






There were no traveling pilgrims on the road to Rotary.


Fred introduced his guest, Sue Chapman, hailing from Huntsville, Alabama. 


Marc Whitman introduced Summer Frazier and clan, her principle at Topa Topa Elementary, and her teacher, Ms. Sarah Ferranti.


Dierdre introduced her guest, Kathy Yi.


And Ojai’s answer to Chuck Woollery, Mr. Bret Bradigan, introduced his guest, and our speaker, Joseph Sohm.


With the introductions made and the clock ticking we dove into a never ending stream of announcements.


Cherrie Edwards reminded everyone it was not too late to donate to Whitman’s Folley. Matilija has unearthed time capsules during construction of the assembly area and their contents shall prove interesting and entertaining. The structure at is reaching the plastering stage and engraved bricks are still available for purchase. They are shooting for a ribbon cutting in December. Stay tuned.





Dr. Marty Pops gave a primer on flu season and the necessity to get a flu shot. Bob Davis asked about what else might be found in a flu shot that wasn’t good for you and said he had found unsettling reports on the internet. The unflappable Dr. Pops explained these reports were not documented and there was a modified dosage for the week and elderly. Dr. Carl Gross, regal lion and name sake of the House Gross, shared that for what ever reason the strain for the vaccine is selected based on the preceding flu season in Australia. I’m guessing they have a similar genetic pool and a season arriving six months prior too our own, but that too is undocumented. The more you know.





Suzanne and Deirdre Gave a brief thank you and post mortem on Taste of Ojai.  Suzanne then asked for volunteers to co chair Taste of Ojai for next year. The intrepid and affable Matt Clements took up the mantle and sallied forth. As of this posting he has not found a second to co chair in his duel with fate. Ron Wilson had lots of opinions and ideas about how it could be better. Matt you may have found your partner. Don Reed reported that we were tentatively looking at a net of about $35k. While he said it did not break any records he was very pleased it did so well in light of all the other fundraising the club has been doing.






Mike Weaver let the pictures do the talking. He introduced and played a video on the Rotary foundation’s work around the world. The club’s Eleanor Roosevelt, Kay Bliss, testified to the nobility, necessity, and life changing experience of participating internationally.














The award created by Doctors Skanky and Faver for the student/athlete possessing leadership skills and a winning smile was presented to Summer Frazier. She is all those tings and more. She thanked her teachers at the Harvard of the Los Padres, Topa Elementary, where they have “the best teachers in the world”.





And with that we entered Frank Fink’s fining session. Do to the change in the line up with the unexpected passing of Alan Jacobs Frank jumped in. He segued by asking if there were any Harvey Weinsteins in the audience? Confessions. (Sex) His routine can be described as jokes best told after dark or before 1980. It played to mixed reviews of groans and guilty chuckles. Mike Malone tried to give him the hook after a scant seven minutes, but Frank had purpose, getting one more question in for the kiddy.








Bret Bradigan introduced Joseph Sohm, Ojai resident and presidential photographer. A majestic slide show of his work accompanied by Aaron Copeland’s “Fanfare For The Common Man” was stunning. Portraits, landscapes, monuments, and candid moments told the tale of life with the last four presidents. Originally a history teacher and bassist for the band Maiden Voyage, Joe found his calling in photography. His images have been published over one million times. Sweeping landscapes are his forte and he has done some brilliant work utilizing 35mm and digital film to produce panoramic, cropped panoramic, and stitched panoramic images. He did his best to navigate the mine field of politics and pointed out a photographer must never say,”shooting the president”. (Politics)

Mike presented the Friend’s Ranch sweepstakes to our speaker and class was dismissed 8 minutes late.


See you next week.


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