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September 28th, 2018

Editor:  Matt Clements
Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. 
Our 1.2 million-member organization started with the vision of one man—Paul P. Harris. The Chicago attorney formed one of the world’s first service organizations, the Rotary Club of Chicago, on 23 February 1905 as a place where professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships. Rotary’s name came from the group’s early practice of rotating meetings among the offices of each member.
In the beginning...
The meeting was called to order by Deirdre Daly at 12:10 exactly.  Its pretty amazing, if one takes time to notice, all the help we need to have our meetings each Friday.  Deirdre thanked Bill Prater for the innovation, Michael Bee and Fred Coleman for room setup.  Suzanne Scar and Nancy Sullivan for greeting and Michael Malone for roving Mic.  Bryant Huber for audio and tech, our indomitable Betsy Watson for a great job with fining, Don Reed for desk duty, Matt Clements for flag salute and finally,  Ginger for taking care of us.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
We had a visiting Rotarian, Kendall Mattina from Rotary Ventura West came to promote the 2018 Trivia Night, Battle of the Brains.  Their fundraiser will be held on Wednesday November 7th at 6:00 pm and is an annual event and a major fundraiser for their club.
John from the Nordoff Theatre and Arts Department gave a short presentation on two upcoming plays. Gothic Ghost Stories, playing October 19th and 20th.  And The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui, playing November 2-3 and 9-10.m 
Here is a trailer, made by Torrey Nicholson, Bob Davis' grandson:
Suzanne and Michael Scar just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary.
Betsy Watson did a great job of bringing some fun to our fining session.  Betsy and Deirdre went to a taping of the NPR radio show Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me last week and her fining questions revolved around that theme.  Wendy Barker, Marty Pop, Patricia Anderson, Bill Prather and Cheree Edwards all helped to entertain us and augment our coffers.  Betsy always does a great job.
Marc Whitman and Fred Coleman presented Michael Bee his blue Badge, Michael also gave his Craft Talk this week.  We are lucky to have him.
Craft Talks
While its true we have an exceptional club and we will humbly (but honestly) admit to being special individuals. But this week we have the honor of accepting two uniquely talented and accomplished new members. 
Tara Saylor
Aka, the Human Multi Tool, grew up using and playing with tools, not dolls.  She is a multi-talented creative, dare I say genius.  She has done everything from designing award winning restaurants around the country to designing and building giant art pieces; which include a beautiful giant caterpillar, Meta Heart sculpture and outdoor event venues of unique style and flare.  She is an expert in environmental design and has done installations of truly amazing and beautiful structures, all full of light and colorful movement.  I will admit to not having the words that come close to describing the things she has created.  She is now pursuing her first love, one she has grown into; teaching children and adults how to design and build their own original creations right here in Ojai.  Tara closed the talk with a quote from Carl Jung, tying life art and individuality into the depth of experience.  Tara will be a major asset for our club for many years to come! 
Michel Bee
Michael was born and raised in upper Ojai and comes back to us from a 40-year long career with the US Coast Guard.  He started his career in 1976 and met his wife, Jill, while both were on duty in Hawaii.  He began “at the bottom” as an E-1 Seaman Recruit. Soon decided it would be much more pleasant to be an officer.  He eventually retired as a Captain which is analogous to a colonel in other branches of the service. Michael had many vital and important positions with the Coast Guard.  He was a tech expert, traveling the world inspecting shipping and ports for compliance with anti-terrorist regulations.  He was an intelligence analyst after 9/11. Eventually being promoted to command of international internal affairs, again traveling the world.  He was also externally outsourced to both the Army and the Navy, a rare honor and privilege.
Michael loved the Coast Guard because it was “Small, Busy, and Multi-Mission, a very agile organization”.  There was never a dull moment, he loved the adrenalin and comradery felt when going into action.  He lives his life to the “five Ps”;
Polite, Professional, Positive, Patient, Persistent.  They describe Michael perfectly and are Words to live by!
Final Thoughts...
Deirdre closed the meeting with a poignant Rotary quote:
“Our members, are people of action, coming together to strengthen their connection to friends and neighbors and their commitment to improving lives.  Impact starts with our members--people like you who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change-across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves." 

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