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May is Youth Service Month

May 4th, 2018

Robert Roddick, Editor
Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. 
Ringing of the bell was at 12:05 pm by Mike Malone the clubs outgoing president, well not yet but it’s close.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests:
Glen Dickey
Mike Bee
Jill Bee.
No visiting Rotarians this week.
Jack Jacobs provided a brilliant invocation to all of us and we truly enjoy his selections.
Lunch was served and today’s menu included: Chicken Fajitas, Rice and Beans and the same old salad bar. However we should be grateful that we are seeing different main dishes coming from the kitchen. They will someday get it correct and I think we all agree that leftovers can be good if used within one week of refrigeration.
During lunch Mike thanked all the members that volunteered for helping with the Setup, Greeters, Check in table, and takedown team for the meeting today.
Welcome new member: Mike Bee
Mr. Mike Bee who was presented with his Red Badge by Marc Whitman. Mike, I can tell you that this is the best group of people that you will ever meet and work with. I have been blessed to call all of them my friends and I love what this club represents.
I hope that you will enjoy many years with us.  Welcome from all of us.
The members where reminded that the upcoming Golf Tournament that will benefit the Boys and Girls will be held on May 18th 2018. Please contact Dave Brubaker for additional information. Let see if the club has a team to participate for such a good cause.
Confessions and Fining:
Don Reed spoke of his grandson and his track and field abilities. Congratulations Don on his success. And yes we hope he keeps it up. (We can use the money that you donate).
New member Mike Bee spoke to the group and fined himself. That’s great Mike we should all learn to fine ourselves from time to time. Now Mike its only started, I need your email, your phone number, and are you available to be a greeter, roving mic person, flag salute and invocation provider. 
Brett Brangan shared the information on the new website “Ojai Hub.Com “
Fred Fauvre donated $100 for his 75th Birthday. Congratulations Fred and we wish you years to come.
Bob Davis gave a donation because he said that Marty Pops does read the weekly rotary reminder.
Catherine Lee invited the members to lunch at her memory care facility. She assured us that she was not looking for new clients but from some of the faces I seen on some of us they had the look of apprehension. Go on it’s a free lunch and a great time to see the great work that her facility is doing.
Robert Allen Sankey shared his joy for his new Great Grandson Robert Donald completing the alphabet from all his offspring for middle names from A-D.
Terry Beckett spoke about his Fathers 100th anniversary of shipping off to war and things that he seen during his tour. Special thanks to all the veterans that served and we enjoy the freedoms that we have today because of your service.
Sid Cohn spoke about his new addition to the family (a new baby girl).
Kay Bliss was celebrating what would have been her mother’s 105th birthday, and stories of the life she shared with her.  As we approach mother’s day, I  hope all of you would say a little prayer for the moms that have gone, and give a give a kiss to the moms still living. 
Fining Time
Judy and Rocky set out to fill the bag with cash with some great questions to the members. I know I learned so much about the local high schools, boarding schools.
Then we shifted to oldest restaurants in the valley to who sold grass fed beef. All truly excellent questions and I did learn a lot.
Craft talks
Both Christine Golden and Dave Watson shared some exciting stories from their childhood.
Christine talked about the people she attended school and that she was able to meet. Talked about her career in education and how much she enjoyed this time she shared with students.
Dave Watson shared some funny adventures on how he went into dentistry. He has such a great sense of humor, Let the ladies know he was single, and talked about his kids. We could see that you are a proud father Dave.
Closing thought and the bell ringing to end the meeting was provided by Mike Malone and in honor of May 4th
And a quote from George Lucas:
“I was afraid that science fiction buffs and everybody would say things like, you know, there’s no sound in outer space”.
May the 4th be with you,

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