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February 2nd, 2018

Editor: Matt Clements
February is World Understanding Month
Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. 
In the beginning...
Another beautiful day in Ojai, it’s pretty much a given that winter has been canceled this year!
President Mike Malone called the meeting to order and thanked Robert Roddick and his team for set up.  Matt Clements led everyone in the flag salute.   Dr. Carl Gross gave a beautiful and thoughtful invocation. Suzanne Scar held down the desk duty wrangling cash from the masses.  Andy Cantwell and Jeff Loebl were our friendly greeters. As always, a big thank you to Ginger Case for feeding us.
Special Guests:
Sharif Sakar, our newest Red Badge, introduced his lovely wife, Heather
Mark Whitman introduced Chloe Carmine and her family.  Our PEP outstanding student for the month. Chloe is an exceptional athlete playing for the AYSO All-stars at the tender age of 12.  She is also a Black Belt in Martial arts.  But most importantly she Loves to watch American football.
Brett Bradigan introduced Scott Daigre (Dayg) from Tomatomania, our program today.
Therese Brown gave us the heads up that three of our members are nominated for the Ojai Valley Chamber’s 2018 GALA AWARDS!
Medicine Shoppe of Ojai
Bocalli’s Pizza and Pasta
Ojai Valley Assisted Living
GO TO: to VOTE!!!
Bryant Huber was recognized for his first year anniversary.  And I think we will all agree he is a spectacular addition to our club.
Our own Don Reed just hit his 8th year, and there are no words to describe or appreciate all the vital roles he plays in so many aspects of the Ojai Rotary Club!
Rotary Humor
Judy Gabriels brought a topical theme to fining this week with questions revolving around our recent Thomas fire using statistics and interesting pieces of fire related information.  And she used the tried and true tactic of the infamous part deux question, so even if you lucked out and guessed part un, she nailed you on the second.  Nice Job Judy!
Today’s Program: Tomatomania!
There is nothing quite like the taste of a fresh homegrown tomato.
They make for the perfect summer sandwich: a colorful, juicy slice hanging off the sides of the bread, a smear of mayonnaise, and a light sprinkling of salt and pepper.
Quite simply, heirloom tomatoes trump hybrid varieties, period! Full-Stop. Their flavor justifies the French term for tomato, pomme d’amour – literally translated to “love apple.”
Brett Bradigan had the pleasure of introducing Scott Daigre (Dayg).  Author, educator, garden designer and owner of Powerplant Garden Design and TOMATOMANIA; the world’s largest tomato seedling outlet.   Scott is one of our own and has been a local Ojai Resident for 20 years.  Indeed, an example of local boy makes good.
Tomatomania offers over 100 varieties and has been held in five (5) States and twenty-five (25) cities and is expanding every year.
One of Scott’s new and most important projects is enlisting school children to use Tomatomania as a money-raising enterprise to support the local schools.  This year over 1500 local children will be selling tomatoes, so if one of them asks you; buy, buy, BUY!
Scott will be at the Topa Mountain Winery on MARCH 24TH for one day.  But will be offering tomatoes at Wachters for the following five (5) weeks.
There was too much useful information to do the program justice, leave it to say NO ONE left early! 
Scott did give five essential recommendations if you want a thriving tomato crop.
1)    Rotate your tomato patch every year.  This keeps tomato loving pathogens from getting a  foothold.
2)    Be strategic.  Plan your garden for different varieties, planted at intervals during the summer.  That way you will have tomatoes throughout the summer.
3)    Buy 6-week-old seedlings and plant them deep.
4)    Water and feed intelligently.  Tomatoes are a weed; they like infrequent deep watering and minimal fertilizer.  In the summer that means every 5 to 6 days.  Feed them sparingly, especially if they are planted in the ground.
5)    Grow something exciting and different.  You will enjoy not only the flavor differences but, many of the heirloom tomatoes have beautiful colors and crazy shapes.
6)  If growing in pots make sure they have at lest 15’X15” of room and either buy cool pots or wrap your ceramic pots in something to keep them cool. Cheree suggested using coffee bean bags from the farmers market.  They will do the trick and look classy at the same time.
Coming Up...
This Friday--Living Treasures, presented by Dr. Fred Fauvre
Mr. Malone closed the meeting with one of his beautiful thoughts for the day, that the wayward editor missed!

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