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Ojai Rotary Reminder Newsletter
November 17th, 2017

November is Rotary Foundation Month


In the Beginning...


President Mike Malone called the meeting to order and thanked Robert Roddick and his team for set up.  Colin Jones for the Flag Salute and Jack for the Invocation. Tony Thatcher had desk duty and Theresa Brown and Andy Cantwell were our greeters this week.  And as always a big thank you to Ginger Case for feeding us. 




President Mike spent a few minutes reminding us that timelines are important, we need to remember to stick to a stick schedule to allow important Rotary business to flow smoothly.  He also reminded us that fining is an important source of revenue for the club and actually will bring us closer together as a group.  Shared pain does that, ever been camping with your family?














Sandy Buechley reminded us that the Ojai Chautauqua is coming up.  The purpose of the Ojai Chautauqua is to engage Ventura County in civil discourse about controversial and highly passionate subjects.  This discussion will revolve around tourism in our Valley.


Leslie Bouche gave an in-depth presentation in her usual form.  November is Rotary Foundation Month.  The Rotary Foundation does amazing work around the world in six (6) main areas.  To see the wonderful work being done at the Prashanti School, as reported in the District Newsletter, click here. 


Helping to grow local economies through vocational training, supporting education, saving mothers and children, addressing the lack of basic health care, clean water and of course promoting Peace!










PEP Student of the Month: Caitlin Sautto


Dr. Fauvre presented Caitlin Sautto the award for Outstanding PE student of the month.  Caitlin is a hard-working student and a wonderful athlete.  Weather on the field, in the classroom or in the dance studio, she puts her all into everything she does. 






















Program:  Jonathan Light--Encyclopedia of Baseball 


Brett Bradigan introduced Jonathan Light the Encyclopedia of Baseball.  Jonathan is a local attorney in Ventura and who knew we had such a nationally known baseball expert in our community.  Jonathan spoke eloquently and quickly, never missing a beat and presented us with a plethora of interesting little baseball facts that brought the sport home, up close and personal.  Who knew that Ty Cobb was a less than savory character, or that we actually had a small person as mascot and that he actually was up to bat.  A different PC era for sure.


Mike closed the meeting with the reminder that we will be dark for the Thanksgiving holiday. Rich Block will be our speaker December 1st,  with an update on the Santa Barbara Zoo.





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