Sep 22, 2023
Pam Davis - College Admissions (MP)
Realities of admission to colleges and universities 2023

Pam Davis has over 30 years of experience in high school teaching and college counseling, including 8 years as the Director of Life Planning at Vistamar School in El Segundo, California. She has shepherded hundreds of students through the college admissions process and connected professionally with myriad college admissions officers over the years. Since 2022, she has served as a Senior Research Associate for Level All, an up-and-coming educational technology company creating content designed to improve the outcomes of high school and college students across the U.S. As part of that effort, she recently wrote a guide entitled “Inside the College Admissions Business” as well as guides to the college essay, the college interview, and building a smart college list.  Pam holds a BA in English/Creative Writing from Stanford University, and a PhD in English from Brown University.